Visitation Outreach

We take seriously Jesus Christ’s teaching that Christians are to care for each other. We visit those who are in the hospital or confined to home.

  • Our Pastor  generally calls upon church members the first day they are in the hospital.
  • Members of our Visitation Team visit on subsequent days — bringing flowers that have graced our sanctuary on Sunday morning and bringing the love of God and the church.
  • Our Parish Visitor provides pastoral care when those who have been hospitalized return home.
  • Our Parish Visitor, Audrey Kader, calls on members and friends of the church who are home-bound at least once each month.
  • In addition, members of our Visitation Team visit once each month.
  • We record the Sunday morning worship service each week and deliver cd copies of the service to those who wish to share in worship from their home.
  • Approximately three times a year, we bring those who are able to the church for a special worship service, luncheon and program.

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