About us

Online worship and other program and schedule changes due to COVID-19 are being worked on each week with concern for the health and wellbeing of all of our members and our greater communities; watch for updates by e-mail or contact the church office. The church office is currently keeping regular hours; please coordinate by phone and email as possible.

First Congregational Church, UCC is a progressive, open, and affirming, Christian community located in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The church building is at 2503 Main Street, at the corner of Main Street and Losey Boulevard. We have more than 500 members of diverse backgrounds from all over the Coulee region. Our members don’t just go to church, we are the church. We strive to learn more deeply about Christ, and how we can put his teachings into action.

We are an open and affirming congregation, living by the knowledge that God loves each of us and desires a relationship with each of us. No matter where you are in life’s journey, you are welcome here. Although we are an independent, self-governed congregation, we enjoy association with other churches of the United Church of Christ through Wisconsin, the United States, and the world. We are one of 63 UCC churches in the Northwest Association, and one of 233 UCC churches in the Wisconsin Conference. Worldwide,  the United Church of Christ is composed of about 1.2 million members in 5518 congregations.

We hope that this web site will answer any questions you may have. We hope even more that you will take a Sunday morning to join us, as we love to meet new people for fellowship and worship!

Events and Community

Check out our Facebook page to find out more about current discussions, as well as recent and upcoming events.

Live by faith, embody love, proclaim hope, and seek justice.