The Church Library

The Church Library offers comfy chairs, materials for all ages, non-fiction and fiction books, videos, books on tape and more. It’s generally open when the church office is open and on Sunday mornings.
A list of our books and media is now available!

Mission: The core mission of the Church Library is to acquire materials to enrich the lives of the congregation that meet the following criteria:

  • Christian education
  • Spiritual development
  • Social awareness

Duties of the Committee: The committee is authorized under the Board of Christian Education. Duties of the committee include selecting print and non-print resources; promoting use; organizing and maintaining the materials; reporting regularly to the Board of Christian Education regarding the progress of the library; and making recommendations regarding policy, direction and content of the library.

History of the Library: Although a church library has existed at First Congregational Church in some form for most of its life, the J. M. Jordan Library celebrates the contributions former minister Rev. Dr. Jerry Jordan gave to the congregation to revitalize the library. Through his vision, members moved the library to the main floor and made it more accessible to the general membership in conjunction with a remodeling project. This event was celebrated by the grand opening in April 1999.

Check-Out Procedures:
1. Write your full name, telephone number, and today’s date on the card located in the pocket on the inside back cover of each item you’d like to check-out;
2. Place the check-out card in the “items checked-out” box;
3. Another card in the pocket should have a “date due” slip; write a date of three weeks from today;
4. Enjoy the books and remember to bring them back in 3 weeks;
5. When you return materials, please return them to the “return books drawer” in the church library. Please do not reshelve the items yourself; we want to see what’s being checked out!

Donations: The Library committee welcomes donations and gifts of money and or new or gently used books. The committee reviews all gifts for their appropriateness before adding them to the collection. Please contact the church office if you are interested in donating materials or money for use of the church library.

Live by faith, embody love, proclaim hope, and seek justice.